Tips on using your Clip-on Guitar Tuner GT-1

Here are a few starter tips on using your Clip-on Guitar Tuner GT-1 right away.

  • After installing the battery, long press the button in front to turn on or turn off the tuner.
  • Attach the tuner on the headstock.
  • Short press the button in front to make a change of tuning item between G (Guitar), B (Bass), V (VIolin), U (Ukulele), C (Chromatic).
  • Position the tuner by clipping on the part of musical instrument which vibrates distinctly, adjusting the tuner until you can see LCD display clearly.
  • Then play your musical instrument.
  • The string No and note name will be showed on the screen together when tuning.

Low: Indicator is on the left. LCD screen in white.
High: Indicator is on the right. LCD screen in white.
In Tune: Indicator is in the middle. LCD screen in green.

NOTE: When you tune a 12 strings guitar or a 5 strings bass, you should set the tuner to Chromatic mode. In Chromatic mode, i.e D note and D octave will show the same on the screen. Do also switch to Chromatic mode when you drop tune your instrument.

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