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Tuner On Guitar Reviewer Program

The Tuner On Guitar Reviewer program was created to give the public early access to new products offered by Tuner On Guitar and its associated brands. Eligible reviewers will be given a free product in exchange for their constructive feedback and unbiased product reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become a reviewer?

1. You are residing in the US and have an active account on Amazon.com.

I signed up. What happens next?

A friendly team member reviews your application. Please understand that supplies are limited, and due to the possible high number of applicants, not everyone is guaranteed a product. Applicants are chosen based on a first come-first serve basis. Should the product run out of inventory, we will keep your application on file for future products.

What kinds of products are offered?

Our reviewers will be given brand new units that include the complete packaging and accessories unless otherwise stated.

What happens with my information?

You will only be contacted by Tuner On Guitar associates to confirm shipment so please make sure your info is correct. Your information is kept confidential, and you will not be entered into any mailing lists or solicited to any third parties.